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High Capacity Electronic Compression Resistance Tester For Paper Box

High Capacity Electronic Compression Resistance Tester For Paper Box

High Capacity Electronic Compression Resistance Tester For Paper Box

পণ্যের বিবরণ:

Place of Origin: GUANGDONG
পরিচিতিমুলক নাম: GAOXIN
সাক্ষ্যদান: ISO
Model Number: GX-6040-S


Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
মূল্য: negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard Export Wooden Case
Delivery Time: 20 working days after payment
Supply Ability: 30 sets per month
এখন যোগাযোগ
বিস্তারিত পণ্যের বর্ণনা
product name: Compression Resistance Tester Feature: Electronic controller
Weight: 90kg Volume: 70×50×80cm

Electronic paper box compressive strength tester



Detailed Product Description
Material: 304# Stainless Steel Color: Silver
Displayer: Micro Computer Max. Pressure: 500kg
Feature: High Capacity; Double Columns Usage: Test Compression Resistance Of Carton
Applicable Object: Carton, Other Packaging Box Speed: 10mm / Min


Paper Testing Equipment , Compression Resistance Tester For Paper Box



1. Quick Details


Alternative name Compression Resistance Tester For Paper Box

Test compression resistance of corrugated paper box

Determine loading capability and piling height

Feature Electronic controller
Weight 90kg
Volume 70×50×80cm
Test standard TAPP1-T804 JIS-Z0212 GB/T4857



2. Description


Carton box compression tester is mainly used for testing compression resistance of corrugated carton

box and other material packaging box, determining loading capability and piling height of carton box.

The test can check the quality and compression strength of carton box, and provides basis to avoid

damage and lost caused by poor quality carton in the process of using, carrying, storage, piling up,

and transportation.

The carton box compression tester can be used to do stacking test, and the result can be taken as

important reference for factory to determine height of piling-up packaging box.


Test standard applied:

TAPP1-T804 JIS-Z0212 GB/T4857



3. Features


(1). Computer controlling system

(2). The tester is mainly used to check compression resistance of corrugated carton box.

(3). The tester can also do stacking test.

(4). Simple structure and easy to operate



4. Specifications


Model GX-6010-S
Capacity (optional) 50kg,100 kg, 200 kg, 500 kg
Unit (switchable) N, KN, Kgf, Lbf, Mpa,Lbf/In2, Kgf/mm2
Load resolution 1/10000
Load accuracy ±1%
Load induction Load cell
Force display LCD digital display
Printing function Serial number , peak value , average value , recordable
Load magnifying rate stepless
Test space 40×50×30 cm
Test speed 10 mm/min
Stroke resolution 0.001 mm
Motor AC Motor
Structure Seamless precise screw
Protection device Over-load, over-pressure, position limitation protection device
Weight 500 kg
Power supply 1∮,220v / 50HZ

Electronic controller  Paper Box Testing Equipments , Paper Box Compression Resistance Tester



Paper Testing InstrumentsPaper Testing Machine

যোগাযোগের ঠিকানা
Dongguan City Gaoxin Testing Equipment Co., Ltd.

ব্যক্তি যোগাযোগ: Johnny Jiang

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